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Laundry Essentials from Polder

Doing the laundry can be a chore--but if you have the right products to help keep your laundry organized, and to keep your clothes wrinkle-free once they're out of the dryer, this necessary household chore can be slightly more tolerable. Here are some of the laundry essentials Polder offers: you're sure to find a product or two that will make laundry day just a little more bearable.

The Polder Shopping/Laundry Cart - This cart is great for transporting your clothes to the Laundromat, and you can also use the cart for shopping, in case you need to run a couple of errands while your clothes are washing. There is also enough space in the cart for you to carry a few loads of clothes, so you can keep your whites, colors, and delicates separate, even when you have to take the clothes out of your home to do laundry. The cart holds over fifty pounds of clothing or supplies, and is available in black or white.

Ironing Boards - If you want to make your clothes crisp and wrinkle-free right out of the dryer, you should take a look at the ironing boards Polder has to offer. The boards come in a number of shapes and sizes, so they're easy to store, and will allow you to iron larger household fabrics, such as tablecloths and drapes as well. Covers for the ironing boards are also available through Polder, so you can give your clothes a soft finish while ironing. The Polder Deluxe Tabletop Board has folding leg assembly, and will fit on top of any table, or on top of your washer/dryer. And, this board is available in both blue and tan, so you can match the board up with the rest of your laundry accessories. There are also a few full-size standing ironing boards to choose from, such as the Polder Essential Dual Leg Ironing Board, which comes with an attractive striped ironing board cover. Ironing boards from Polder range in price from $20-$70.

Garment Racks - For delicate clothing that shouldn't go in the dryer, or clothing that is dry clean only, Polder offers garment to keep your clothes looking newer for longer. The Polder Single Garment Rack allows you to hang over 60 inches of clothing, and includes wheels so you can move the rack wherever you need it. The Polder Clothes Butler is also great for hanging delicate garments, and is made from stainless steel, so it's both attractive and durable. You can also use either of the garment racks as coat hangers, which comes in handy when you have a number of guests over, or don't have much closet space. Both racks are under $40.

To purchase any of the great laundry products Polder offers, or to search for more laundry organization ideas, browse the website to find the laundry accessories that are just right for you. You'll find laundry and clothing care items that are sure to match your needs and budget.