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Polder Ironing Board Covers

The good news is that a Polder ironing board is one of the highest-quality boards on the market today. The bad news is that it can be difficult finding a replacement ironing pad or cover to fit the board as many retailer carry generic-sized pads and covers that are not a perfect for the Polder ironing board shape and dimensions.

Here at the Gourmet Kitchen, we offer a full line of Polder replacement pads and covers and everything we offer is guaranteed to fit your Polder ironing board because they come directly from the manufacturer.

As long as you purchased your Polder ironing board in the last 10 years, there are essentially four main Polder ironing board sizes:

  • 51'-54' x 13'-15
  • 54' x 15'-17'
  • 51' x 17'
  • 48' x 15'

    There are very limited color options available:

  • 51'-54' x 13'-15 - Comes in Metallic Toast (brown/beige)
  • 54' x 15'-17' - Comes in Light Bamboo (light brown/beige)
  • 51' x 17' - Comes in Cocoa (brown)
  • 48' x 15' - Comes in Metallic Toast (brown/beige)

    All Polder pads and covers are of extremely high quality, are scorch-proof and come with a 10-year limited warranty. For ordering information, point visit the ironing board cover section of our site.