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Setting up your Home Office with Polder products

If you're working from home on a full-time basis, or are doing more work from home than before, chances are you'll want to add a few accents to your room to make your office more inviting. Polder offers a variety of products that you can use to give your office a more attractive look, and the products are affordable, so you can purchase just what you need to make your home office a more functional space.

Storage racks can be a great addition to your home office, and can help you keep your files and supplies organized. Polder has a number of storage racks to choose from, and the racks can be used to store a number of supplies that are a variety of sizes. The Polder 4-tier shoe rack and the Polder extend/stack 3-tier shoe rack are great items to purchase for your home office, and offer plenty of shelf space. The 3-tier shoe rack comes with wheels, so you can avoid cluttering your office by rolling the shelves into a corner or closet when you need more space. The racks are considerably spacious, so while you can move your shelves anywhere in the room you want, you won't have to worry about fitting all your supplies in your home office; which is helpful when you want to keep all your papers and files in one room.

For shelves that you can hang on the walls, you may want to try the Polder Chrome Double Shelf/Towel Rack. This Polder shelf easily mounts to the walls, and assembly instructions are included, so you can put the shelf together with ease. This shelf will free up floor and desk space, so that you can store more in your office, and still be able to stay organized. If you have to meet tight deadlines, or want to give yourself a certain time limit to finish certain projects, purchasing a timer from Polder is a great idea.

Polder offers a number of digital timers that are stylish and can go with any office decor, and you can use them discreetly to keep yourself on schedule throughout the day. The Polder Electronic Clock, Timer and Stopwatch is a great addition to any home office, is easy to keep track of, and you can carry it everywhere with you; there's also a magnet on the back, so you can hang your timer on metallic office supplies or file cabinets to keep from losing your timer. The Polder Vibrating/ Digital Alarm Timer is a great buy for a home office as well, and you can even recall your last setting, if you're trying to set specific deadlines for projects you'll be working on in your home office regularly.

For ordering information, as well as more ideas for home office decorating, feel free to browse the site for more affordable decorating tips and products.